Monitored CCTV system with live detection


24/7 Monitored CCTV for Business & Home


How we can help

Active Security can design, install and maintain a quality CCTV system that will protect your business or home 24 hours a day. Our monitored CCTV systems can replace static security guards or provide enhanced security compared to a standalone CCTV system. System activations are remotely monitored 24/7 by manned controllers and response can be instant to an intrusion on-site. The controllers are able to communicate direct to the site via loudspeakers in order to alert the intruders that they are being monitored. The event can be escalated to a mobile security team or the GardaĆ­.

We have experienced in-house engineers with IT network qualifications who have been installing CCTV systems for many years. Our systems can be designed for any size dwelling or premises with remote viewing software for the monitoring station and the client.

We offer a range of camera solutions suitable for detection, monitoring and identification using Intrusion-Detect and AI technology. Our systems are GDPR compliant and certified to PSA 2006_12 standard. Our installations are set-up in a user-friendly way and we provide full on-site system demonstration and training for all users and will arrange follow-up sessions if required.

Many of our systems have remote access via mobile app while our larger systems can integrate with Access Control and Intruder Alarm systems for the optimal level of security.

Main features:

  • CCTV systems with remote view via broadband connection.
  • Thermal imaging cameras for night recordings.
  • Integrated door intercoms with 24/7 recording.
  • Remote control of barriers and gates.
  • Home protection and peace of mind with cameras and remote monitoring.
  • Our solutions will be tailored to your requirements.